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To Be An Oilfield Wife

Posted by on October 24, 2013

It takes a special kind of woman to be married to an oil man.  The kind of woman who changes her own tire on a back road, in the dark, by herself, with three screaming kids in the back seat.  The kind that can handle raising kids, and fixing the wash machine when it breaks, all on her own.   An oilfield wife knows what it feels like to sleep alone at night, and what it feels like to spend sleepless nights waiting by the phone in hopes to hear her husbands voice.   When I say, that it takes a special kind of woman to be married to an oil man, I am not exaggerating.

An oil wife will lead an unpredictable life.  They will move, a handful of times following their husbands career.  More then likely, she will do all the packing and driving moving trucks while pulling their car behind, all by themselves because their oilman is on hitch.  They will locate, move in, and make their new house a home in a miraculous amount of time. They never know when, and if their husbands will go out, and when, and if their husbands will come home.  When times get tough, an oilfield wife puts on her big girl pants, and deals in a way that a delicate woman could never relate.

Oilfield life is not for everyone, and definitely not for the weak.  Oilfield wives included.  No room for a woman who needs a lot of attention, or someone who cant stand to be alone in the patch…  you will be home alone more often then not.  No room for the female who can’t do anything without a second opinion, or help…  there will rarely be anyone around to lend you a hand.  No time for tears, because your kids need a strong person to make them secure in their lifestyle.  An oilfield wife, manages the bills, the household, the children, and dotes on her husband when he is home… never complaining, and always putting her family first.

Some people say that marrying an oilfield hand is marrying for money.  Perhaps it’s a trade off for the greedy few.  However, most oil wives would trade every dime to have our husbands home at night.  We keep our head held high and deal with the daily obstacles, so that our husbands can go to work with comfort and a clear head knowing that, their wives and children will be fine.  I need not mention what the consequences can be for an oilfield hand distracted.  It takes a strong woman to live this life, and an even stronger one to love it, and be married to it.

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